Deadly Caress: The Deadly Seven, Book 1

A world protected by the demons of the Seven Deadly Sins

 Formally known as Lust, Luke is feared and revered by every demon and scary mythical creature alike. Once a powerful Incubus that preyed on innocent humans, he now battles against supernatural beings alongside his demon brethren to protect mankind. He fights every day to rein in his erotically fatal Incubus powers, but is soon tempted in the worst way by a beautiful, sarcastic woman. 

 Sacha Bouvier's had to grow up pretty fast having taken care of her cousin since she was eighteen years old by any means necessary. When her cousin goes missing, Sacha is frantic, until a sexy stranger walks into her life to help her solve the mystery. She's sucked into a world she never knew existed and uncovers truths about her family that have her questioning everything she’s ever believed in. Secrets are revealed about her mysterious helper and the six men he fights with, but that doesn't stop her from wanting him to hold her close and never let her go. 

 Luke is tortured by his past, but Sacha knows that if she can get him to let down his guard she can remove the haunted look from his eyes and show him that his caress isn't as deadly as he thinks. 

Deadly Caress Excerpt: 


Rogue Heart: The Rogue Hunter Society, Book 1

 Kasaunya "KC" Cole has been trained from birth to hate all demons. After the violent murder of her parents by a clan of the most dangerous demons in either realm, she's dedicated her life to eradicating all demons from her world. Known to her peers as an unerring, no holds barred Rogue Hunter, KC’s stone cold determination and sharp killer instincts has set her on the fast track of becoming the first female member of the North American council. Nothing can distract her from her goal. Nothing but a six and a half foot demon bar owner determined to turn her world on its ass.

 Brock Wade is a simple demon that only cares about two things, himself and his bar. He prefers his life uncomplicated and without messy entanglements. That is until a beautiful Kasaunya strolls purposely into his bar and his life, making him ache for things he never dreamed of. If only she wasn't a Rogue Hunter Society member, whose core existence is to put all demons and Supernaturals to death.

 The attraction between them is too strong and potent to ignore, even as KC fights tooth and nail against it. But as the human staff of Brock's bar start to meet a vicious and untimely demise, they realize that working closely together to find the culprit is helpful, if not wise. Brock is hiding a dark secret that, if found out, could crush their tenuous relationship. Can he slip through her granite defenses and get her to see the heart behind the Rogue before, the secret he's been harboring blows up in their faces?

 Rogue Heart Excerpt: